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1970 – *from The Year You Were Born*

Kew Garden Hills – *from East of Eager*

Monument – *from Rumors of the Faithful*

John Butler Train – *from Rumors of the Faithful*

Motorcycle – *from Glen Echo Autoharp*

Muscle Car – *this version, unreleased*

Rock Bottom Falls – *from an Extra Walt! single*

Covering V3’s “End of the bar” – Brownie’s, NYC, 1998

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Moviola: [email protected]

Catbird Records: [email protected]

Spirit of Orr: [email protected]

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April 14 – Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus
with American Music Club and the Black Swans

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(1996 – Anyway/Spirit of Orr)

The Year You Were Born (1997 – Anyway)

Glen Echo Autoharp (1998 – Spirit of Orr)

Durable Dream (2000 – Spirit of Orr)

Rumors of the Faithful (2001 – Spirit of Orr)

East of Eager (2004 – Anyway, U.S. & Houston Party, Europe)

Dead Knowledge (2007 – Catbird)

Broken Horses (early rarities)
(2008 – Spirit of Orr)


Singles, splits, compilations

* “Waste”/”Gin and Tonic” (Anyway/Eardrop/Mindwalk)
* “Lookin’ In” (Anyway)
* “Cowtown IV” (Anyway w/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts. + more)
* “Convenient Store” (Ratfish)
* “Empty Ford” split w/ Cobra Verde (Wabana)
* “Catastrophe” Opscene Magazine CD compilation (Holland)
* “Rock Bottom Falls” (Walt Records)
* “Payday” split w/Eric’s Trip (Me,Too Records)
* “She’s Like That” – Whiskey, You’re the Devil compilation (Australia)
* “Factory Girl” Athens Music Project compilation
* “Propane Brainhole” EP (Wabana)
* “Next Door” EP (At-a-Glance)
* “Right Brain” (Homebase Music, Holland)
* “Kitchen Waltz Preamble” – (Kim Will Kill Me)
* “End of the Bar” Matter vs. Spirit, a Tribute to V3’s Jim Shepard (Meta Records)
* “St. Vincent” split w/Handsome Family (Spirit of Orr)
* “Spark” split w/Tobin Sprout (Spirit of Orr)
* “Green Wood” compilation

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Dead Knowledge iz coming

While it’s nothing approaching the Murdoch-owned lameness that is a myspace page, consider this locale to be Moviola HQ for the near term. Random postings on a new Moviola record coming out on Catbird Records in May ’07 (Dead Knowledge), and soon after that, another new platter of singles/rarities from the catacombs out on Spirit of Orr (Broken Horses).


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We live in Columbus, Ohio. One-time or current home of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, The Columbus Chill, Jim Shepard, Woody Hayes, Greg Oden, James Thurber, Nancy Wilson (the jazz singer, not the Heart singer), Bill Moss, Necropolis, Bizzy Bone, Bela Koe-Krompecher, and White Castle.

Our names are Jake Housh, Ted Hattemer, Greg Bonnell, Jerry Dannemiller. We have been a band since about 1994. We’ve made seven records and many singles in that time. We’ve toured a little, not a lot. Only when time and circumstances allow. The bands we’ve played with and learned from are too many to mention. We all hold jobs at The Ohio State University, not in the same department (although we used to).

Parker Paul sits in with us on piano now.

Scotty Tabachnick played in the band for a long time and now lives in Brattleboro, VT. We miss him and wish we could visit Brat more often.

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