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On to “Broken Horses”

Now that Dead Knowledge is out and available, it’s time to start thinking about the next project.
“Broken Horses” will be a compilation of early 7″ releases, unreleased tracks, and a few gems that were featured on compilation CDs.

Here are some 7″ covers to get the walk down memory lane juices flowin’

Moviola 7 inch Cover

Moviola 7 inch Cover

Moviola 7 inch Cover

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Stream’s dry

The full album stream of Dead Knowledge is now officially, yes, dead. Was live for nearly four weeks or so, and a couple tracks remain streaming over at the imeem page, but from here on, hopefully if you’d like to hear the full record, you can get one over at Catbird HQ or iTunes.

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DK CD Release Show

Many thanks go to Brian Harnetty and Parker Paul for contributing to a fun evening.

Brian Harnetty

Brian on the turntables. “that’s drunkard’s dream, nearly everybody knows it

Parker Paul

Paul on the keys. Paul on myspace.

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Nail on the head

Was just lamenting (the other night) about the ever-increasing capsulization, 50 words-or-less, blurb-o-matic times we currently exist in with regard to most music (and all arts) criticism. Like I would rather read a lengthy, well-argued piece of criticism that absolutely loathed our record, rather than another bio-summary, 30-word blurb about the facts at hand. Just don’t bother…

And then something like this shows up.

I’m surely glad he likes our record, but I’m even more glad that Kevin–and the few bloggers of his ilk that can write coherently and argue a point pro or con–are operating in the current bleak landscape.

Release show is tomorrow night at Used Kids.

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