Full Lengths

Scrape and Cuss LP Jacket

Out now! https://moviolamusic.bandcamp.com 

  • Frantic – (Anyway/Spirit of Orr)

  • The Year You Were Born – (Anyway)

  • Glen Echo Autoharp (Spirit of Orr)

  • The Durable Dream – (Spirit of Orr)

  • Rumors of the Faithful – (Spirit of Orr)

  • East of Eager – (Anyway)

  • Dead Knowledge – (Catbird Records)

  • Broken Horses – (Spirit of Orr)

Singles, splits, compilations

  • “Waste”/”Gin and Tonic” (Anyway/Eardrop/Mindwalk)
  • “Lookin’ In” (Anyway)
  • “Cowtown IV” (Anyway w/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts. + more)
  • “Convenient Store” (Ratfish)
  • “Empty Ford” split w/ Cobra Verde (Wabana)
  • “Catastrophe” Opscene Magazine CD compilation (Holland)
  • “Rock Bottom Falls” (Walt Records)
  • “Payday” split w/Eric’s Trip (Me,Too Records)
  • “She’s Like That” – Whiskey, You’re the Devil compilation (Australia)
  • “Factory Girl” Athens Music Project compilation
  • “Propane Brainhole” EP (Wabana)
  • “Next Door” EP (At-a-Glance)
  • “Right Brain” (Homebase Music, Holland)
  • “Kitchen Waltz Preamble” – (Kim Will Kill Me)
  • “End of the Bar” Matter vs. Spirit, a Tribute to V3’s Jim Shepard (Meta Records)
  • “St. Vincent” split w/Handsome Family (Spirit of Orr)
  • “Spark” split w/Tobin Sprout (Spirit of Orr)
  • “Green Wood” Cringe.com compilation