Long time no post, friends. Some upcoming movement in Moviolaland in upcoming months. We’re playing twice here in Columbus in July, first on July 11 with a long list of other acts at the Surly Girl/Columbus Music Co-op Parking Lot Blowout show, and then on July 25 with good friend Eve Searls and her band Bird and Flower for her record release party at Wholly Craft. First time ever playing in a craft store, that one. Eve just sang some vocals on a new Moviola song, and the results were fantastical. We also had some horn players, Jason and Billy, just record some honkin trumpet and sax parts on a couple other songs, and they may turn up at one of these shows soon, who knows. A couple other guests recording with us soon, which we are very stoked about, but we don’t want to spill the beans on that one just yet. Other than that, Parker Paul (who mans the keyboards in Moviola) is playing a rare show soon, you should go see that, and a long-simmering project Jake has been working on with Jerry DeCicca is finally coming out is out now on Drag City soon. Hooray for that. Talk at you soon.

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