Columbus vets Moviola to release Scrape and Cuss, first album in 13 years along with entire remastered back catalog (eight full-lengths ‘94-’07)

All records released May 8 to all streaming services along with vinyl pre-orders for Scrape and Cuss via band’s new imprint, No Heroics

(Columbus, Ohio, March 2, 2020) — May 8, 2020 marks the return of Columbus indie vets, Moviola, with the release of a new 12-song record, Scrape and Cuss. The same day, remastered versions of the band’s entire eight-album back catalog will be released to all streaming services (many for the first time ever).

Dormant except for a handful of live dates over the last 13 years, the group got together in the same room in July 2019, armed with new songs and a spark to inhabit that creative space that was such a part of their lives many years ago. Scrape and Cuss is a celebration of friendship, lost love, growing older and wiser, cherishing the small aspects of life, and the kind of unspoken confidence and comfort that comes with playing music together for decades. At once as familiar as an old shirt while venturing into new territory, Scrape and Cuss weaves soul, deep harmonies, and art-pop together for a breezy intensity that is uniquely Moviola.

Says Jake Housh, “We poured our hearts into Moviola for 13 years. So much so that we took the next 13 off. It feels like we’re starting another 13-year cycle. Just like the cicadas.”

As with all of their releases, Scrape and Cuss is self-recorded and produced. Housh’s home studio offered the right atmosphere and acoustics, and after working as a video producer for 20 years, the right gear.

“Moviola are that rare and notoriously unstable entity—a band whose identity is the blurry combination of five individual voices, rather than a kingpin or two and their helpers. (What’s more…) they’ve sidestepped the traps and girdles of any genre or tribe in favor of forging their own route, always beautiful and believable.” — David Greenberger (NPR)

Remastered Back Catalog

What started as an idea to “rip” their eight releases for digital distribution from friend and fellow Columbus, Ohio musician, Paul Nini, for his Old 3C Label Group turned into a painstaking year-long process unarchiving original tapes to remaster the band’s entire catalog. Nearly all the band’s earlier work was previously unavailable online. Ranging from the 4-track fuzz of 1995’s Frantic to 2007’s rootsy song-cycle, Dead Knowledge, Moviola’s back catalog is where scuzzy lo-fi, dusty Americana, SpaceEcho pop and North Columbus soul collides, feeds back, and lands squarely into a singular Moviola universe—it’s one worth traveling through with fresh ears.