Things have been laying low in Moviola-land of late, woodshed phase, for every peak must have a valley, if you like, but as noted down below here, a cluster of early songs of ours from singles, comps, and abandon reels of tape is coming out on the fine Spirit of Orr imprint sometime in Jan/Feb 08. It’s nice to hear these songs again, as they all rush good images and thoughts to our brains. Our kemosabe Ron House forwarded along his take:


Moviola – Broken Horses (early rarities)

This record sounds like people finally getting to do what they want. It’s a late night with the ones you want to be with. After a long dialogue on The Simpsons or God, the instruments are assumed, pipes are fired up,and whatever powers there are are summoned and glow.The influences don’t press heavily;the Moviola idea is not asked to be more than it is, essentially a rustic indy rock band unique in the way the spotlight is shared amongst members. The song “Broken Horses” is excruciatingly nostalgic for me because I remember how I thought it truly nudged Civilization forward. But that didn’t really happen. We are happy now with our families and Power Tools. But at 1AM once something happened that is still inexplicable.

— Ron House, Columbus, Ohio 43201, December 2007

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