While this song by the late great Hazel Dickens deals with the atrocities of war, it’s ultimately about abuse of power, whether in the Twin Cities, Columbus, or countless other cities. Blood on your hands, mister.

To help defend people wrongly arrested in Columbus please give if you are able: paypal.me/ColumbusFreedomFund


(From the album “It’s Hard to tell the singer from the song” 1986)

I saw a grey-haired mother crying softly in her door
As she gazed upon the pathway where he’d return no more
Oh Lord, I’d love to hold my baby just once more
And, Lord, I hope I never live to see another war

Will Jesus wash the bloodstains from your hands?
Will he welcome you in to that peaceful land?
Will he forgive the killings, the wars you have planned?
Will Jesus wash the bloodstains from your hands?

Well the bombs you’ve dropped, the guns you’ve shot all in the name of peace
While the people beg for mercy, you gave them no relief
There’s blood on your hands, mister, you’ll answer for one day
And the tears you shed on that day won’t wash your sins away

Now you say (“when the lootin starts, the shootin starts”)
And that you would use limits, you’d only go so far
Well (Twin Cities) horrors we’ll never forget
For bloodthirsty warriors never know when to quit.